Washington Memorial

Washington Monument, Washington DC

Abraham Lincoln is known as the "Great Emancipator" and the "Man who saved the Union." In high school, before I got interested in US history, I only knew Lincoln as the author of the Gettysburg Address which my English teachers said is a good example of simple and short yet effective speech.
The Lincoln Memorial is modeled after the Parthenon in Athens, Greece. It is not only a memorial to a beloved President but also serves as a national Civil War memorial.
The Vietnam Veterans Memorial recognizes and honors the men and women who served in one of America's most divisive wars. Ironically, the memorial itself, caused a lot of disagreements and was assailed even by veterans as just a "black pit" and "not meaningful". As a compromise, a statue and a flagpole were added nearby.
Designed by Maya Ying Lin, this long, black granite wall of the Vietnam War Memorial lists more than 58,000 names of men and women who died and were missing from the Vietnam War. It was dedicated on November 13, 1982 and despite the initial criticism of the design, it is actually the most touching war memorial I have seen.
The Washington Monument, in honor of USA's first president, is the most recognized symbol of Washington. It was built at intervals between 1848 and 1885. For almost 25 years, the monument stood incomplete at the height of about 150 feet. Completed, the obelisk is about 555 feet tall.
The Korean War Memorial.
The Thomas Jefferson Memorial is located on the Tidal Basin, directly south of the White House. The circular colonnaded structure is an adapation of the classical style that Jefferson introduced in the country. Critics at the time, however, derided the design and compared it to a muffin.
The statue of Thomas Jefferson who's respected as perhaps the most talented among US presidents. He was a political philosopher, architect, musician, book collector, scientist, horticulturist, diplomat, inventor, and author of the Declaration of Independence.
Posing with friends at the Jefferson Memorial. Arnel and Ninoy are friends from my college years. Not in the photo is another college buddy, Ramon, who took this picture.
The Washington Monument as seen from the Jefferson Memorial.
White House, the official residence of the US President. The construction of the White House started in 1792 and was first occupied by President John Adams in 1800.
Me with the White House in the background. Notice that after September 11, additional security barriers were added around its perimeter.

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