After two days and two nights in Ilocos Norte, we (Chris, Gladys, and I) proceeded to Vigan, Ilocos Sur with our backpacks. Dandy stayed behind in Bangui as he was going back to Manila with some relatives the following day. Vigan Tower

Since it was all our first time in Vigan and we didn't know anybody there, we toured the city by asking directions from the locals. I have always wanted to visit this place because I have seen and was impressed by its beauty in a number of local films I've watched since I was a child (Fernando Poe Jr's Ang Panday , for instance). We felt a sense of adventure in walking around without a guide and an itinerary. It was really different from all my other travels and we felt like "backpacking" tourists in an unfamiliar place. There's a sort of thrill in the experience which made the trip even more enjoyable.

The Vigan site I wanted to see most because it left an imprint in my mind when I first saw it in Spanish-era houses a film when I was in High School, was the narrow street lined with Spanish houses on both sides. We were able to find it after a few inquiries and I was pleased to find out that the place has been well-preserved by the Department of Tourism. If I'm not mistaken, the historic street is named after one of Vigan's most illustrious politicians, Crisologo. A picture of this street is shown in the second photo here, and the first one is the Bell Tower where the final duel in Ang Panday was filmed, if I remember correctly.

From Crisologo Street, we rented two "calesas" (horse-drawn carts) which took us to other places of interest. I took all the pictures here and I'm glad to say that they sort of captured the "feeling and spirit" of Vigan.

Riding a Kalesa This one was actually taken in Laoag City when we went to the terminal of Vigan-bound buses. In Vigan, we rented two calesas to tour us around.
Old Church This church dates back to the Spanish-occupation years. The bell tower at the top of this page is located just in a nearby hill.
Villa Cecilia Villa Angela still functions as a hotel. According to the calesa driver, the films "Jose Rizal" and "Gumising ka Maruja" were shot here. This is also where the Holywood actor, Tom Cruise, stayed during the filming of "Born on the Fourth of July".
Crisologo Museum The old residence of the Crisologo family which now serves as a Museum. I am only familiar with the name of Bingbong Crisologo but his parents and grandparents were distinguished politicians in Vigan. His mother was a governor and his father, was a Congressman who was assasinated while hearing mass at the Vigan Cathedral.
Calesa A calesa in Crisologo street. After taking this shot, we rented it and went to Fr. Jose Burgos Museum - the birthplace of one of the martyred Filipino heroes during the Spanish times.
Church and Tower The old Church and the Bell Tower. This was the last shot I was able to take before running out of film.

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