Toronto, Canada home now..

The skyline of Toronto. I took this picture on a cloudy day in 2002 using a 35mm camera.
This one was taken on a clear day in 2004 during a cruise in Lake Ontario. The CN Tower, at 553 meters (1,815 ft.), is the highest vertical structure in the world, even higher than Malaysia's Petronas Tower (452 meters). Beside it is the white Sky Dome, home of baseball team Toronto Blue Jays.
The CN Tower as seen from a small downtown park in winter.
Halloween is a big deal in North America, and people really make an effort to wear costumes to get into the spirit. The 2003 Halloween fell on a weekend so a lot of people went out to the streets and partied late.
With visiting friends, Kevin and Mylene Maristela, at the Casa Loma. Though this castle looks medieval, it was actually built only in 1914 as the residence of a wealthy Torontonian, Sir Henry Pellatt.
Outside the Arts Gallery of Ontario. Behind me is famous sculptor Henry Moore's bronze work, "Two Large Forms" (1966-69).
The Toronto City Hall is an impressively modern building featuring two separate half-circle towers enclosing a saucer-shaped council chambers structure. Finnish architect Viljo Revell was awarded this commission after winning a competition with more than 500 entries from all over the world.
The old Toronto City Hall which is located just a block from the new city hall. The water pond at Nathan Philips Square converts to a popular skating rink in winter.
A picture taken after shoveling the snow on the driveway.
My friend Martin and I like biking on weekends. He lives near Lake Ontario and close to the best bike trails in the city.
The unique expansion building of Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD). Its "hanging" architecture saves the open space below and doesn't crowd the little park nearby. Simple but amazing.
At the Air Canada Center - home of hockey's Toronto Maple Leafs and basketball's Toronto Raptors.
Toronto is full of activities in summer. This picture was taken during the "Taste of the Danforth" food festival in the city's Greek section. A sizable section of busy Danforth Street is closed to motorists for an entire weekend and people fill the street just to walk or taste the variety of food (mostly Greek cuisine) being sold.
A view from my room on a winter morning. It was a beautiful peaceful dawn that I just grabbed my camera and took this picture before the sun came out and the neighborhood garages started to open.
During a quarterfinal match in Toronto's Rogers Tennis Cup. World number one Roger Federer was serving in this picture.
One of the nice old buildings of the University of Toronto.
A picture of a yacht taken at the Toronto Center Island in Lake Ontario.
My Toronto friends at our 2003 Christmas dinner.

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