Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm - the most beautiful city I've been to, so far.

Sweden's parliament building, with the country's flag flying at the top.
Got this picture when the ship I took from Turku, Finland was approaching Stockholm. The building looks like a church.
A typical street at Gamla Stan or Stockholm's Old City.
Me in Stockholm. A year after this was taken, I recognized the spot as being only a few feet away from the "pit stop" in one of the episodes of the TV reality show "The Amazing Race".
The boat Af Chapman which is actually a hostel docked in Skepps-holmen across Gamla Stan. It was fully booked at the time when my sister Rose and I were looking for a place to stay before proceeding to Denmark.
A plaza in the Old City surrounded by colorful Scandinavian buildings. This plaza is also historic as this was the site where a number of Swedish nobility were executed by Danish occupiers many years ago.
The Af Chapman makes a romantic sight at night. I eventually was able to stay here upon my return from Copenhagen and before my trip to Norway.
Stockholm's Central Station which served as the hub of my Scandinavian tour.
Me with the beautiful buildings of Stockholm in the background.
To a first time visitor, Stockholm seems surprisingly surrounded by water. The Old City is basically an island connected by short bridges to the main city. This picture was taken from one of those bridges.
The official Palace of Swedish royalty. The present royal family, however, finds this too big for their needs and instead stays in what used to be their summer residence outside the city.
A viking boat that serves tourists who want to try a ride.
I made sure I'd visit the assassination site and this simple graveyard of Sweden's popular ex-prime minister Olof Palme, admired as one of the heroes of social democracy in Europe. His murder in 1986 while walking home from a cinema with his wife made headlines around the world because it was a puzzle and a shock, especially to the Swedes. Up to now, the assassination is an unsolved mystery.
Another Stockholm picture. The weather was perfect and the city was squeaky clean.
Sweden's capital at sunrise.
Another picture near the parliament building.
View from the ship on a very calm morning.
The Stadhusen or Stockholm's City Hall. The nominees and awardees of the Nobel Prize are announced here.
Me at the palace that serves as the present residence of the Swedish royal family. It used to be just a summer residence.
Nice sculpture at Stockholm's version of a market square.
I don't know what this floating hand is about. It is illuminated at night and scared Rose when we first saw it one night for it moved with the water and looked like a hand of a drowning giant.

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