The following are some articles I wrote when I was still working in Atlas Consolidated Mining & Development Corporation, Masbate Gold Operations (ACMDC-MGO) in Aroroy, Masbate. These stories are based on actual events and I'm glad to include them here because they remind me of my Atlas days which are really treasured. I felt at home with my co-workers there as well as loved and appreciated by the company which sent me to college. Those were very happy years.


This is an article about the dogs which Atlas security guards were bringing with them on their night shift assignments. I've observed the dogs and was either amused or impressed by the antics of some, notably Bulldog and Koogler, so I thought of writing about them one day.

Only when the story was published in the Atlas newsletter did I learn that one of the Resident Managers of the mines during the 80's had the surname Koogler. No wonder that the old timers were amused to read about the dog's name. :)


This is the story of a fatal accident which happened before I joined ACMDC-MGO. I first heard about the incident from a friend who personally knew the victim, Roger Cortes.  I came to befriend Roger's brother-in-law later who on one occasion invited me to his birthday which was also attended by Roger's parents.  In the course of our conversation, we somehow got around to talking about the accident which was still an emotional subject to them.

Unfortunately, this article didn't get published in the company newsletter because the management didn't find it appropriate.


When I was just a student trainee in Atlas Mines, I had several phone misadventures for I couldn't understand Cebuano very well. Ironically, though the mines is located in Masbate, the de facto medium of communication inside the mines was Cebuano because many officers and employees came from Cebu.

This article narrates some of my and my classmate's (Dondon Legaspi) experience. I wrote this only when I returned to Atlas after graduation. When the article saw print in the company publication, many amused colleagues who were used to reading serious stuff in the newsletter approached and told me about their own humorous phone experiences.

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