Below are pictures of my sister Rose in Finland. She is married to Markku Kotitalo and now has a son, Aaron.

Classroom Rose and her classmates in a Finnish-language class during her first year in Finland. Most of the students came from Europe and Russia.
Rose in Finland Rose with her and Markku's house in the background.
Rose and Markku on a cruise ship to Sweden Rose and Markku during a cruise to Sweden.
Rose and her son Aaron Rose and son, Aaron.
Markku and Aaron Father and son, Markku and Aaron.
Aaron's baptism Taken during Aaron's baptism. Also in the picture are Markku's father Keijo, stepmother Aila, and our aunt Anita with her husband Tauno and daughter Rikka. Notice that both Markku and Tauno are wearing Filipino "barong tagalog".
Markku likes to go to car and motorcycle exhibits. Here, Rose is trying one of the motorcycles on display at a Helsinki show.
Aaron with grandparents Aaron with his grandparents, Keijo and Aila.
Aaron in 2004 Photo I took of Aaron during my visit to Finland in 2004.
Rose and Markku Rose and Markku during our caravan trip around southern Finland.

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