The Louvre

The Louvre at night (All pictures below taken on April 2008..)

The Seine River..
A typical Parisian street.
With Rose and Aaron at the Louvre.
The people crowding around the Louvre's most famous art - the Mona Lisa.
Venus de Milo - one of the better known sculptures from ancient Greece.
Inverted Pyramid at the Louvre.
Me at the Louvre at night..
The Tuileries Garden..
Paris City Hall
Metro platform..
Bicycles for rent..
Boat houses.
The Opera House - setting of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opera"
Crepe with ham for lunch..
The Sacre-Coeur Cathedral.
View of Paris from Sacre-Coeur.
The sculptures on Pont Alexander - the "prettiest" of the Seine bridges.
Institut de France at night..
Inside St. Sulpice Church - made famous by the book and movie "The Da Vinci Code".
The "Rose Line" at St. Sulpice that extends to an Egyptian obelisk on the other end. Silas, the ruthless catholic assassin in "The Da Vinci Code" killed a nun to retrieve a keystone hidden beneath this line.
Champs Elysses - the city's world famous street.
The flowers at Jardin du Luxembourg which is probably the most popular park in Paris.
Still at Jardin du Luxembourg.
A typical winding cobblestone street in Montmarte - where the world's finest and aspiring artists congregate.
Au Lapin Agile - a favorite hang-out of then struggling artists like Renoir and Pablo Picasso.
The fruit store in Montmarte that was used as one of the locations in my favorite French film - Amelie.
La Maison Rose - another place used to be frequented by famous artists who painted and lived in Montmarte.
This neighborhood fish/meat store caught my attention because it's kind of old-fashioned in light of today's supermarkets in big cities.
At the esplanade of La Defense - the major business district in Paris.
Taken on the Grand Arche - the central structure at La Defense.
The Pantheon, the burial place of French "greats" like Voltaire, Victor Hugo, Emile Zola, Alexander Dumas, etc..
A unique and amusing urinal in Paris..

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