Before my visit to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte, the northernmost portion of Ilocos region I've visited was La Union. So when some of my classmate in NCC Saud Beach organized a trip to Pagudpud, I jumped at the chance (June 25-27, 1999). The problem, however, was it was scheduled right on the day of my return from my trip to Boracay and Iloilo. Though I was sure that I'd be very tired, I still left word with my classmates that I'd go. I thought that I'd just sleep on the bus during the almost 12-hour trip.

The trip was sponsored by my classmate Dandy Garvida who came from Bangui, Ilocos Norte - the town just before Pagudpud. Seven people initially agreed to take the trip but on d-day, three backed out. We still went on with the trip and enjoyed it, nonetheless. Dandy's mother and grandparents welcomed us warmly and I want to thank them a lot here for putting up with our, especially Chris', noise. :>

Bangui Pagudpud is slowly gaining popularity as having the best beaches in Ilocos Region. The beaches are not as widely known as Boracay, but they now attract a number of visitors especially after showbiz people came to shoot some films here.

The first picture above shows Saud Beach and the second one shows a pastoral scene which is characteristic of the place. This one was practically shot just at the backyard of Dandy's house.

These pictures were scanned for me (including the photos in the incoming Baguio, Vigan, and Aurora pages) by my friend and college classmate FX Martinez to whom I give my sincere thanks (you may have a look at FX in the "Bataan" page).

Pagudpud Group Only four of us went to Pagudpud but we enjoyed the trip, nevertheless. From left is me, Dandy Garvida (our host), Gladys Barrer, and Chris Peñafuerte. Taken at Saud Beach.
Pagudpud Bridge This bridge marks the boundary between the towns of Bangui (Dandy's place) and Pagudpud. After supper, we returned here and just enjoyed the night breeze while talking about life (well, Dandy's life mostly) in general.
SAud Beach Here's another shot of Saud Beach where some films of Carlitos Siguion Reyna were shot, they said. We only stayed for a while here then proceeded to Maira-ira Beach which is even better according to Dandy.
At Saud Beach Dandy took this shot. I was very dark and sun-burned as I just came from a three-day swimming in Boracay. The sunburn stayed for several days and it took quite a while before I returned to my natural color.
Maira-ira Beach This is Maira-ira Beach at dusk. We swam here until it was very dark. The sand was finer compared to Saud's and it had a very peaceful and serene setting in contrast with Boracay. Sunset was not visible as the beach faces north-east.
Bangui Nobody could have guessed that I took this picture underneath a bridge. However, this is exactly the view under the Bangui/Pagudpud Bridge . Looks very rural...

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