We sat in silence...
The scene somewhat sad, serene;
we watched the fountain.

The waters jumped and played;
they rose and fell, rushed and splashed
unmindful of our presence.

I, with heavy heart
thought such beauty would mean more so
if you loved me too.

Then you spoke of caring
in voice both felt and earnest;
It made the fountain pause
to eavesdrop, to listen...

And as my pain healed,
the waters resumed to frolic;
I'd swear the fountain even danced
to my heart's sweet music.

We smiled and together left,
distressed feelings soothed and patched,
as the fountain watched.



One late afternoon, walking blue by the bay
a marvel of a sight, almost took my breath away
a golden orange sunset, gloriously painted across heavens
soon my weary spirit was buoyed by his radiance.
Dazzled by its beauty, my heart started leaping
when through his golden rays, my cheek he was touching
gleaming behind clouds, "Sad be not", he seemed to be saying
"I will be your friend", his words affectionate, reassuring.

Then the sunset pulsated, his hues heightened all the more
cheering my heart and soul, like I never felt before
embraced by his warm radiance, we danced with gladness
it felt like heaven on earth, why can't this be endless?

But lo my heart mourned as my sunset began to dim
with his ebbing orange hue, dusk slowly devoured him
in fading ruby-red tint, he struggled, he tried
and then he was gone, Oh God how I cried.

Just before darkness reigned and cold started creeping
the dark heavens blossomed with diamonds ablazing
tons of stars lit the sky, what a sight to behold
"I'll always be with you", I was seemingly told.

And though for my sunset, I may have to wait long
our brief moment together, gave me hope, kept me strong
Someday I'll see the sunset, who touched my life like no other
when that day comes, Lord, let us forever be together...


sunset shared


As a child --
sunset to me meant nothing.
It was but the sky's way of saying
that supper is ready,
bed is waiting...

before you came --
sunset and I became acquainted.
Its beauty I discovered,
in its soulful mood, I delighted.
What nature's artwork
painted purposely, delicately,
to add flavor to a day's end...

Then you entered my life --
sunset acquired new meaning,
even looked different;
The colors are happier,
the hues far richer;
the sun holds a promise
not only of meaningful evening,
but also of love, of hope,
of a future together...

Now as we sit -- silently watching the sun
slowly descend from its perch,
this fervent wish I here make:
That may thousands of sunsets
either dull, perfect, or cloud-covered
will bear witness to our love,
will guide us through,
will watch love grow;
Also, that I may be blessed
to spend the twilight of my life
with you still by my side,
our affection aged but undiminished,
our old hearts still reminiscing
fond memories of sunsets shared...



images of us
cavorting wildly
sends my soul burning

my body berserks
sparks intensify
to flames of frenzy

my moans go crescendo
streaming spasms of joy
that doused my fire

my delirium stops
cold starts to creep
soul on ice---again

clasped like an embryo
shivering cold
i sobbed for your warmth.



Sa mga estudyante ng U.P. Diliman
ang 'sunken garden' ay pook pag-iibigan,
Akala ko dati ito'y isang kabulastugan
dahil romantisismo ng hardin, di pa naranasan.

Subalit nang gabing ika'y nakapiling
Sa nakalubog na harding balot sa dilim
Ang lugar naging paraiso sa aking paningin
nakangiting saksi ng pag-iibigan natin.

Tayo'y mga aninong nakaupo sa damuhan
mga kaluluwang mag-irog nagkikwentuhan,
Sa mga salita't tingin, naglalambingan
mga puso'y magkayakap, sa lilim ng kalawakan.

Nang tayo'y umalis at magsiping sa higaan
alaala ng hardin nagpatamis sa halikan,
mga katawa'y nagsanib, lunod sa kaligayahan,
salamat hardin, sa 'sang gabing di malilimutan...


animo'y nakadahop na palad ang lubog na hardin
tiklop tuhod na nagsusumamo sa Poong butihin
kapara ng lawak ng langit at kislap ng bituin,
nawa'y wag bigyang wakas, init ng irogan natin...

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