I am putting up this page not as a showcase of Masbate's beauty because I ironically don't have pictures of Masbate's official tourist destinations. Bituon Beach Resort Instead, these are pictures I've taken of some regular places which were a large part of my life when I was still residing in the province. The pictures are also for the sake of Masbateņos who, like me, are now residing in foreign countries and want a glimpse of their hometown from time to time.

The photo at right shows Bituon Beach resort. This is the favorite beach of almost everybody in the capital town because it's less than 30 minutes away. It has cottages, some sport facilities, and what I like most is the makeshift diving board (it's out of range in this picture) which serves as resting place for those who are swimming away from the shore. Everytime I go home to Masbate, I make it a point to come to this place.

This picture, by the way, was taken and sent to me by one of my visitors, a researcher from Ateneo de Manila University, who asked me information about Masbate before her trip to the province. Her name is Mikee but I'll try to get her full name so she'll get the credit she deserves for this picture. Thanks a lot, Mikee.

The pictures below were taken during my last visit to the province on New Year of 2000.   Again, they are thumbnails which you could enlarge by clicking on them.
This picture is a contribution from my Korean friend Lee Byung-taek. He has returned to the Philippines a few times and has gone to Masbate for a visit.
Another picture from Lee. This is the part of the pier that's most memorable to me because when I was a kid, we'd take one of these little motorboats to go to my grandparents place in Baleno - a trip that took an hour or two then.
The front/main building of my high school - Masbate National Comprehensive High School (MNCHS), where my mother also taught Physics. Bittersweet memories, here.. :)
The office of The Ranch - the official publication of MNCHS, where I was part of the editorial staff. I'd like to thank our journalism teacher and Ranch adviser, Dr. Nemia Manlapas, from whom I've learned a lot.
Quezon Street is the main thoroughfare of the capital town. For non-Filipinos, notice that tricycle is the main mode of transportation within the city.
The market place along Zurbito street. I remember that a fire destroyed a large part of the area when I was in high school. The tenants are still wary of similar catastrophe and this probably explains why most of the structures look temporary.
This is the only picture taken during my years in Atlas Mining, that I could find. I want to include this here because I have very fond memories of Atlas. This was taken during a visit of a balikbayan friend, Joy Eclipse (left). She was with her aunt, Mrs. Ponferrada.

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