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Typical of a rural province, there is still no Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Masbate hence the Web is still just a vague concept to a lot of Masbateņos. A Korean volunteer in the province, Brian Kang, who created the web site of Masbate Colleges and whom I had the pleasure of meeting once, uses the Internet by placing a long distance call to an ISP in Legazpi City at the Bicol mainland. That is quite expensive and unaffordable to an average Masbateņo.

It's no wonder therefore, that only a few pages about Masbate and by Masbateņos are available at present. This will change soon (perhaps before the next millenium) and I'm sure that a provincemate will come up with a directory of Masbate-related sites someday. Meanwhile, this page lists some of the 'Masbate' sites I've encountered during my limited and usually quick excursions to the Web. If you want to suggest a site, please send the URL through e-mail ( and I'll do my best to update this page as often as I can. If you are submitting a personal site, please convince me that you (or your parents) are from Masbate by briefly introducing yourself and telling me the town where you came from - at least if your site doesn't say so already.

Each link below opens in a new window. (A visitor emailed me recently that practically all the links here don't work anymore, so I am removing the links until I get the time to update this page. My thanks to that visitor, and my apologies to all. However, a new masbate website,, was launched recently so this should provide more information about the province. - FSE, 10/05/2002)

Please Note:

I have no control over the contents, location, and maintenance of the above web sites. My apologies therefore for dead links (I've removed a lot already) and similar problems. I would like to request the authors of the personal sites listed here to inform me of changes in their addresses so I could update the links correspondingly. Thanks.

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