The following pictures were taken in San Fernando, La Union. The personnel of our office here are the friendliest and most fun to be with among Regional Office employees I've met. San Fernando Bay

This Regional Office consistently topped our MRMS performance evaluation thanks to the efforts of Ate Perla Reyes and the region's MRS staff. If I were a celebrity, I'd also consider Ate Perla the president of my fan club. :)) She is the number one promoter of this website and a lot of girls admire me just from her talks about me. hehehe.... Though I alternately get embarassed and amused by the undeserved compliments, I have to thank Ate Perla and her husband, Mr. Benjamin Reyes, for their kindness and hospitality.

The picture at right shows San Fernando Bay as seen from the terrace of the hotel where we stayed. I liked watching the sun rise or set from this vantage point. In the morning, you'll witness how the bay gets alive as the hour advances and the fishermen return to shore with their catch.

Sunset at San Fernando Bay. This was taken from the same terrace where I took the picture above. It was cloudy on July 7, 1999.
I've visited La Union a couple of times already so this picture (and some of the others below) was actually taken during my 1997 visit.
This is the Sea & Sky Hotel as seen from the beach of San Fernando Bay. Looks immaculately white and imposing..
Another shot of the San Fernando Bay from another angle.
Enjoying the morning sea breeze while waiting for breakfast. Though the hotel is small compared to those in bigger cities, I really liked the atmosphere and sights here.
This sunset shot was taken from the terrace of our Regional Office. Unfortunately, the actual color and beauty of the scene was not captured by this shot.
Walking at the beach in the morning before breakfast.

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