The following pictures were taken in Taytay Falls in Laguna. The more popular tourist attraction Taytay Falls in the province is Pagsanjan Falls but I have not gone there yet. We settled for Taytay Falls because it's less expensive to go there.

A number of officemates and I went to Majayjay, Laguna on May 6, 2000. To get to the falls, we walked for about 10 minutes from where we left our vehicle.

Quite a number of other visitors were already there when we arrived. A number of them even jumped from the top of the falls while onlookers and other swimmers shouted and applauded below. It looked risky but I liked the element of thrill in the act. I wanted to jump too, but nobody from my group agreed to go along with me. Locals said that accidents happened before and jumping is actually discouraged. Some adventurous spirits, however, refused to be intimidated by the height and the danger.

The water was crystal clear and surprisingly cooler than I expected. It was very cool even during high noon when the sun was at its hottest.

We had a feast of grilled tilapia, pork, and eggplant. We left at late afternoon and spent the night in Vicky Tabernilla's place in Tayabas, Quezon where we again swam in a resort named Villa Cecilia the next day.

A candid shot taken by Lenie of Lyn and I. The tents in the background are available for rent to 'overnighters'.
Getting ready to swim.
Some of the members of the group I was with. From left is Leanne, Leni, Bong, Lyn, Ferdie, and Jojo.
Enjoying myself.
Taytay Falls from another angle.

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