Iligan is called the "City of Waterfalls" because there are a number of waterfalls in the area, Falls the best known of which being Maria Cristina Falls. unfortunately, Maria Cristina significantly lost its appeal as a tourist attraction when it was used as a source of hydro-electric power.

I had the opportunity to visit Iligan during my last official field trip to our Cagayan de Oro Regional Office in 2001. Because Iligan is just a few hours away from Cagayan de Oro, my officemate Jojo and I asked a friend from the regional office, Hans, to accompany and tour us around the city.

To metallurgical engineers like me, Iligan also has a strong appeal because it was home to National Steel Corporation which had already stopped operations at that time due to financial and ownership problems.

The picture at the top is NOT Maria Cristina Falls. It's been more than a year since these pictures were taken, so I've now forgotten the name of this falls. I remember that this is just a short ride away from Maria Cristina. If anybody could help me with the name, please email me. :)

This is the Maria Cristina Falls. It is actually just a shadow of its old splendor but it remains one of the country's better known falls, especially because it is an indispensable source of electrical power. Though @90% of the waters are diverted to the hydro-power plant, the falls still look majestic.
This one shows the side of the power plant that diverts the water before it reaches the falls. On weekends, the plant closes the gate valve to let the waters run through the falls as in old times, but only for 15-30 minutes. That is the best time to visit the site.
The river downstream, with all the water that passed through the plant's turbines.
My officemate Jojo and I posing for souvenir.
I like this Falls better but I forgot its name now. The water is dark blue and a little intimidating. (Update: A couple of visitors have written me to say that this is Tinago Falls)
Jojo and I, swimming.
This shows the cascading waters at the right side of the falls.
Can't think of anything to say about this pic, except that it looks nice. :)
This was taken at the left side of the main falls.

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