Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay, August 2007

Me with the Island Queen Cruise boat that took us on a 3-hour tour of Georgian Bay. The port is in Parry Sound, Ontario which is about a 2 hour drive north of Toronto.
The pier of Parry Sound along the coast of Georgian Bay. The bay is a big part of (or connects to) Lake Huron.
This narrow passage between two islands is called "Hole in the Wall", and is popular for picture taking among cruise passengers.
One of the cottages that are a common sight on the Georgian Bay islands. A lot of Canadians, especially those from urban areas, like to relax and spend time in their cottages during the summer.
A lighthouse in one of the bigger islands. The location is called Killbear Point, and has been a site of many bear sightings before.
My travel companion Martin chilling out inside the cruise boat. The last time he took the cruise was as a kid with his parents and siblings.
Pine trees lined up along the bank of an island. This is reminiscent of the subject of paintings by the famed "Group of Seven" Canadian artists who were inspired by Georgian Bay landscapes.
A rocky point at one of the islands. Georgian Bay has some 30,000 islands.
A couple of guys showing off on seadoos. Like dolphins, they were frolicking and racing beside the cruise boat and used its wake to make their seadoos jump.
Had my picture taken on the boat during a lull when we were travelling a little distance from the islands.
Cottagers can go out to dine and drink in one of places like this that serves as a popular hang out for cottage owners and visitors.
Georgian Bay is big and some wealthy cottage owners opt for faster access to their cottages by having their own seaplanes. Those who don't want to own can charter one at Parry Sound.
Some of the passengers at the top deck of the cruise boat.
A bridge that rotates to let tall ships and boats in. The cruise boat was tall enough that it had to signify its approach. The bridge was rotated on cue to let the boat through.
Back at Parry Sound.
In the background is the Observation Tower of Parry Sound.

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