Me and my computer

Hello! Welcome to my little corner in Geocities.

(Please note that I have not updated these pages in a long while and most of the text were in fact written in 1998-2000 when I was still in the Philippines and was using my roommate's computer at the University of the Philippines.)

While planning the update of my old website, I've picked up some tips on web authoring that pointed to an inevitable change in my pages' look and format. For sentimental reason, I couldn't just delete my old files so I created this separate site instead.

Now, what's new in these pages that's not in the old site?

Practically all, I'd say. Notably, I added a special Tribute Page for my mother who died of cancer in January 1997. And to somehow justify my presence in Athens Geocities neighborhood (which is for literature-loving netizens), I also posted some poems and stories.

Likewise, I've finally relented to some friends who have been bugging me to put their pictures on the internet.  One of them went to the old address, visited the Friends page, but after seeing that there's nothing there about her, just lost interest altogether and immediately left the site. Some friends!  :) 

The picture above (taken around 1997 or 1998), shows me and the PC where I originally created this website. Of course, I used Chito's (my U.P. roommate) computer, quite a good deal too. (And just to keep track of how I changed over the years, I recently added the pictures below taken in 2003 and 2006 at my office cubicle in Toronto, Canada where I now live.)

2003 photo

2006 photo

If you have time, please sign my guestbook so I'll know you surfed by. Thanks.


This site was first launched on May 26, 1998
Latest Update: February, 2002

Netscape and Internet Explorer have differences in stylesheet implementation so when I started using stylesheets, I have no choice but to favor one browser over the other. Having developed this site using Netscape in 1997, it is with sadness that I acknowledge now that this site is best viewed using Internet Explorer.

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