"Life is partly what we make it,
and partly what is made by the friends whom we choose."
- Tehyi Hsieh

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Ernie receiving a medal for good academic performance during his first year in high school.  With him were the medal donor and his father, Mr. Noe Jazul. He had few available pictures of his early years.  (taken March 29, 1982 in Aroroy, Masbate)
This picture was taken during Ernie's High School graduation from  San Sebastian College in Manila.  He transferred to Manila when he started his third year in secondary school. (taken, March 1985)
Ernie with his girlfriend Lanie, and his parents during his graduation from Technological Institute of the Philippines. His photo (in graduation toga) at the first page where he looked heavier was actually taken months after graduation when he was already reviewing for the board examination which he easily passed. (taken April, 1991)
Ernie during his oath-taking as licensed Electrical Engineer at Manila Midtown Hotel.  His career path was focused and consistent. He took specialization trainings on Instrumentation  and Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) and became quite good at it.  There were times that he was able to troubleshoot  major equipment problems which highly-paid foreign consultants of his old company had difficulty figuring out.  When he resigned from his old job, his employer enticed him to return with promises of higher pay, a car plan, and other benefits. (taken July 31, 1992)
These are some of the guys of Aroroy National High School batch '85 with whom Ernie and I  hung out.  We were attending the Induction Party of ACTION, an organization of Aroroians in Manila of which Ernie was elected board director and I am an honorary member. Clockwise from left are Bong Bradecina, Dondon Legaspi, Omel Dizon, Ramir Rosero, Ernie, and myself. (taken Sept. 14, 1997)
June 14, 1997 - Intramuros, Manila Taken in Intramuros, Manila infront of a World War II memorial on June 14, 1997. We were doing a walking tour of the old Manila then.
When Ernie was applying for a new job, I was attending classes at the National Computer Center(NCC). In this picture, he just came from a job interview and then proceeded to NCC to tell me about it. We have been holding mock interviews the past few days and the effort paid off because the companies he applied at all wanted to hire him. He was having a hard time weighing which company to choose and we talked about his options lengthily for several days.(taken July 25, 1997)
Ernie showed me around the machines he helped install and maintain  in Schmalbach Lubeca plant in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.  Though he worked here for only a few months prior to his diagnosis, he was very comfortable with the new  job and had very good rapport with his colleagues.  The job was a breath of fresh air for him after his previous employment where he worked for 12 hours daily and six days a week for more than 3 years.  Being a workaholic, he seemed not to notice that he was losing his social life then. (taken Sept. 20, 1997, practically 1 year before his death)
I took this picture of Ernie in the room he was renting in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I helped him look for accomodation when he switched jobs. He thought that I'd be of great help because I wasn't shy approaching and asking strangers and because of my experience living in dorms and boarding houses since my university years. In what turned out to be a happy coincidence, we found this room which was being rented by the family of his high school classmate in San Sebastian.
Taken during one of the frequent visits of Ernie's parents to Manila (this one coincided with his father's birthday) when Ernie was already undergoing chemotherapy.  Notice that Ernie didn't lose much hair which was one of his worries before he started treatment.  However, his face looked a little plump because of the steroid medication. Lanie was a daily visitor when she learned of Ernie's ailment. (taken February 1998)
I took this shot of Ernie and Lanie during my sister Jane's wedding reception. We were all in good spirits and Ernie had a really hearty meal. Because I was more of a host than a guest during the affair, I didn't feel like eating much. Ernie took it upon himself to put food on my plate and I good-naturedly remarked "Friend, you're treating me as if I'm the one with cancer."   Though he ignored it, I realized that the remark didn't ring well and immediately regretted it. (taken May 31, 1998)

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