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A quiet grave, an early end,
A brief but beautiful life my friend...
- Kari Lauer

Ernie Chan Jazul

(1968 - 1998)

In August 1998, after accompanying Ernie to one of his cobalt-radiation sessions, we went to my office and I showed him my website. A  link to his name there led to a generic Geocities page which I got for him earlier. He was happy to know that he already had his own space reservation in Geocities but was a bit disappointed not to find any picture of himself there. I told him that he would have to choose the pictures he wanted to put on his site and had to write his own text for I'll just take care of the HTML part. He never got around to doing the task though.

When he died a month later, I created this site in his memory. Some of the pictures here were borrowed from his parents' and his wife's  photo collection.

All first person references here, therefore, refer to me (Ferdinand Esquilona) who's privileged to be Ernie's best friend. If you got to this page directly and not through my site's link, you may visit my homepage by clicking on the "Go to Ferdie's Corner" link at the bottom.


Ernie was the seventh in eight children of Mr. Noe Jazul and Eleanor Chan, both of Aroroy, Masbate, Philippines.

In his younger years, Ernie was not really popular among his peers. His classmates (who became his good friends later in life) recall that he was the easily-piqued type. Playful and active, he was quick to pick fights with classmates who irked him and so didn't really develop close friendships during his early years. He, however, possessed natural intelligence which consistently landed him among the top ten students of his class in Aroroy.

He finished his last two years of high school in San Sebastian College in Manila and pursued his college education at the Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) earning a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Those who knew him from his elementary school days were surprised by a change in his personality after college. He became friendlier, more outgoing, and easily befriended young and old alike. He developed into a cheerful, well-rounded and likeable engineer.


Ernie when I first knew him, didn't care much about movies and television. He didn't read novels and literature either. He had a technical mind and his view of reading meant browsing his books on Electrical Engineering and Electronics, on Management, or studying the manuals of the electrical equipment he was handling in his job. I've observed him sleep several times with these books in his hand.

Because I'm a movie buff, I somehow influenced him to watch movies once in a while, and though he'd go with me and enjoy a few films sometimes, he didn't budge in his opinion that it was just a waste of money and time. He was a workaholic so when I complained that I had work backlog, he'd tell me that the cause was my spending more time watching movies than doing serious work.

Being best friends, we were each other's biggest fan but there was a lot in his character that I wanted to emulate. His discipline and his dedication to his job was awe-inpiring. He was essentially good-natured and had the admirable ability of not entertaining negative thoughts and emotions especially envy, hatred, jealousy, and cynicism.

When he got sick with cancer, Ernie perhaps realized that his excessive devotion to his job made him neglect his health and may have something to do with his ailment. Before his death, when his phone calls would catch me at the office way past the working hours, he would gently remind me not to follow his example. He'd say, "You know Ferds, I could see myself in you now. Learn from my mistake and don't get sick from working too hard. Please go home now and take care because it's quite late."


Ernie and Lanie's love story is movie material itself. Lanie was her girlfriend in college but they parted ways sometime after Ernie's graduation. They were separated for years and when Ernie got sick, he actually had a new girlfriend in Lucena City (about 4 hours away from Manila).

When Lanie learned of Ernie's condition, however, she visited Ernie everyday and took care of him. They reconciled and got married on March 31, 1998. Unlike Ernie who felt that he was getting well because he was able to go back to work again (we all intentionally didn't inform him that his cancer was in the advanced stage and was terminal), Lanie was aware of her husband's condition but went on with the marriage. Everybody admired her for her unconditional and unwavering love for my friend. It is sad to note that the ailment which brought them together the second time also took away Ernie for good. They were married for only six months.

This site was first Launched on November 9, 1998.

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