Stonehenge, October 2007.

One of the towers of Windsor Castle. The castle is one of the 3 official private residences of Queen Elizabeth II. It is located in Berkshire county, and is the largest and oldest continuously occupied castle in the world.
Taken inside the walls of Windsor Castle.
The St. George's Chapel at the Windsor Castle.
Police and Windsor castle guards during a daily "changing of the guards" ceremony.
Again, the walls of the castle as seen from outside.
Me at Greenwich, England.
What's a visit to England without a taste of the English favorite "fish and chips"? My lunch at Greenwich.
An interesting sculpture at the public park in Greenwich.
At the Royal Observatory.
Sign pointing to the "prime meridian" line (or 0 degree longitude line of the earth as shown in maps).
Me officially standing over the prime meridian line that divides the earth to eastern and western hemispheres. For keeping time in different time zones, this line is also the basis of reference and known as the International Date line.
These are English journalists and crowd waiting for the arrival of a person who walked/travelled around the world for months. He started his journey at the meridian line and it also served as his finish line.
Doing "meditation" at the prehistoric Stonehenge located in Wiltshire county.
The welcome sign at the Stonehenge.
More of me and the Stonehenge.
Canal at the city of Bath, in south-west England.
The busy church plaza in Bath.
Public park in Bath.
Entrance to the old Roman baths.
The tourist guide dressed as a Roman soldier.
The baths that date back to the times when the Romans occupied England, but became a spa resort during the Georgian years.
Had lunch here at The Stagepost.

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