Tower Bridge

London's Tower Bridge, October 2007.
More pictures coming soon..

Taken while walking towards the London Eye at the south bank of the Thames river. This is one of London's modern landmarks that is popular with tourists who want to see London from one of the wheel's 32 passenger capsules. It was inaugaurated in December 31, 1999 but opened to the public on March 2000.
The capsule of the London Eye accomodates around a dozen people.
This shows the structure that supports the London Eye and the park right below it.
London as seen from inside a London Eye capsule.
Me inside the capsule.
London Eye and the London Aquarium beside it at night.
This street, called The Strand, is one of the busiest in London. Taken during a regular rainy day in the city.
Me with the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in the background. The memorial is situated in Hyde Park, near the Serpentine Lake.
Closer look at the Diana Memorial Fountain. The fountain is supposed to depict Diana's life - both the happy, and the troubled tumultous times.
Madame Tussaud herself.
Me hanging out with the Beatles at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum..
Me with London's Tower Bridge on the background.
The grandiose St. Paul's cathedral, one of the traditional landmarks in London. This was designed by Christopher Wren who was himself buried in the church's burial grounds, along with other British luminaries like Lord Nelson of the Trafalgar fame.
Me at the front of St. Paul's. I asked a stranger to take this picture who turned out to be a tourist from Canada himself.
Taking pictures is not allowed inside St. Paul's but I was able to sneak this one at the Whispering Gallery. The church is where Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married.
In front of Kensington Palace that served as Princess Diana's residence when she was alive. This is the front gate that was flooded with flowers when she died. Though part of the palace is still used as royal apartments, the main building is open to visitors. This is also where Princess Victoria resided before she became queen.
The garden of Kensington Palace.
The Gherkin building and the London Tower.
The Tower of London.
A miniature model of the Tower of London.
The White Tower, which is the central structure within the walls of the Tower of London.
The traditional tower guards, also known as beef-eaters, are the present day tower tour guides. They're funny and entertaining in their story telling.
The Jewel House, where the royal crowns, scepters and jewelries are on display.
I joined a "London Walk" tour about Jack the Ripper, where we were shown where Jack the Ripper and his victims used to roam. I took this shot of a very appropriate graffitti during the tour.
Besides watching "Wicked", "The Mousetrap", and "Fiddler on the Roof", I also watched Billy Elliot. It's worth the money and I'd recommend it to friends.
This is the very unassuming yet historical London Bridge. People always mistakenly think that the Tower Bridge next to it is the famous London Bridge.
The Royal Albert Hall.
Another sunset shot of the Houses of Parliament.
Me in front of the Parliament Building.
The Clock Tower or "Big Ben's Tower" up close.

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