My return to Boracay (January 13-14, 2000) wasn't as exciting as the first time, but the place still didn't disappoint Friday's me. It was as enthralling as ever but this time, I knew what to expect. We arrived at about 5:30 pm just in time for me to get sunset shots which all came out beautifully. They were even better than the shots I took during my last visit because the sun was there in its royal splendor.

My companions were still my officemates Lyn and Bong, who were with me the first time, with the addition of Mang Abe and Noe. We stayed in Boracay for only a day and a night because we hurried back to Kalibo for the Ati-atihan Festival.

My enjoyment, however, was marred by an unpleasant incident. My camera was damaged when it got wet during our snorkeling jaunt. My only consolation was that I have already used one roll of film before the mishap. What worried me most was that I couldn't take shots of the Ati-atihan Boracay Sunset Festival which was my primary reason for joining the trip. It's good that Mang Abe generously lent me his camera which is of the same brand and almost of the same make as my damaged one.

The first picture above was taken at Friday's. It was early morning so the swimmers were not out yet. The second one at right was taken just a few minutes after we arrived. The lovers in the photo were also taking sunset pictures but were totally unaware that they made a perfect backdrop for my shot. Notice that the sun was right between them. My timing and location was pure luck. :)

The famous White Beach. With most of the swimmers still in bed or having breakfast, the beach looks unblemished, serene and captivating.
This time, we stayed near Friday's. It is reputed to have the finest and whitest sand in the 4-km stretch of White Beach. The sand is practically as fine as baby powder.
This is the sunset shot which most of my friends liked. I like it myself. The silhouettes, the clouds, and the sun's rays are dramatic. This photo got passed around in so many hands that tenacious fingerprints stuck on it.
Here we were waiting for the boat which will take us for a snorkeling trip.
This one is at Club Panoly. This is more private and less crowded than White Beach so this is a favorite shooting location of film makers.
Snorkeling in one of Boracay islets. From left is Bong, Galerie (Lyn's niece), Lyn and me.
We all couldn't resist having our pictures taken at the boat's bow. We all had solo shots here. :)
The beach at the foot of Lorenzo Villas. It is somewhat secluded.
Obviously, at Lorenzo Villas. A nice place, but I'd take White Beach anytime.
At the poolside of Lorenzo Villas. The place definitely has class but why anyone would choose to swim in an artificial pool when he's only few steps away from one of the best beaches in the world is beyond me.
I took this while we were walking to our cottage when we arrived. The sun was no longer visible but the sky was alive with streaks of orange clouds. Notice that I mistakenly set the date to 1999 instead of 2000.
This hill is overlooking White Beach. The cluster of cottages, our boatman said, is mostly owned by foreigners who fell in love with Boracay.
Another shot of White Beach taken at Boat Station 3 when we were leaving for Kalibo. It was late afternoon.
From left is Ryan (Lyn's nephew), Lyn, Noe, myself, and Mang Abe. Bong took this shot.
Still another shot at Friday's similar to the topmost picture, but taken at different angle. Similar shots are familiar in post cards.
Mang Abe took this one using his camera. Mine was damaged at this time. We were waiting for a boat to Caticlan.
One more look at White Beach.

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