Boracay deserves its distinction of being the prime tourist destination in the Philippines. It has an exotic and feel-good atmosphere that surprisingly lives up to the White Beach of Boracay "too-good-to-be-true" postcard photos declaring it as an island paradise. I left with the happy observation that Boracay is not all hype after all - it's amazingly real. No wonder it was cited as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by a number of international travel magazines.

My trip to Boracay started with the invitation from a friend and officemate, Lyn Cipriano, who is from Kalibo, Aklan. Five of us accepted Lyn's invitation, and the trip turned out to be a very memorable one. We stayed in the island for three days and two nights but we still didn't feel like leaving when it was time to pack our bags.

Since a lot of other web sites offer plenty of information about Boracay, I will leave it to interested visitors to look for these sites. But it's worth noting that one thing I didn't expect during the trip was finding internet rental shops in the island just along the stretch of the famous White Beach. White Beach of Boracay

All pictures shown here were taken either by me or by my officemate and constant fieldwork buddy, Bong Linsangan. When the photos were developed, we realized that they would have looked even better without our images in them. (The first picture at the top shows a portion of White Beach and the second one was taken during sunset.)

My heartfelt thanks to Lyn and her family for their hospitality during our stay in Kalibo. Also thanks to Vincent Ramos, an officemate in our Regional Office in Iloilo City, who scanned these pictures for me. (Please click on the thumbnailed pictures below to see the bigger photos.)

Kalibo Airport Arrival at Kalibo airport. From left is me, Lyn Cipriano, Cathy Mendoza, Bong Linsangan, Vicky Tabernilla, and Zaldy Salvador.
Having Lunch Eating lunch at the duplex cottage we rented. The resort is owned by a friend of Lyn's sister, so we were given a discount.
Gone snorkeling We went snorkeling just a few hours after we arrived in the island. The corals were great and the fish were so friendly you could make them eat bits of bread you hold in your hand.
Villa When we toured the island by boat, I took this picture of one of the resorts located some distance away from White Beach.
Biking along White Beach The stretch of White Beach is unusually long that we decided to rent a bike to see the sites along the beach.
Another shot at White Beach. The sand here is very fine that it is a joy feeling it when you walk without slippers. Even at high noon and when the sun is at its hottest, the sand feels cool.
Gone Boating We had fun in this boat though we had difficulty controlling its steering mechanism at first.
Sunset at Boracay Boracay is also known for its sunset. We waited to get a good sunset picture but on the two nights we were there, the horizon was cloudy and so I just took this shot even when the sun was not visible.
Sunset at Boracay The day before the above sunset picture was taken, it was even more cloudy that there wasn't even a hint of the sun at dusk. Here's that sunset on our first night.
At Friday's Taken during a respite in a volleyball game with the group.
Sailboat This is one of the colorful sailboats 'scattered' along White Beach.
Dog We noticed this dog frolicking all by himself in the beach. He looked like he was fishing and it was fun just watching him do his thing.
Pedal Boat I got tired pedalling this boat. But it was fun.
Every night during our stay, we'd have a few drinks at the beach, then go night swimming. We'd hit the sack only at past midnight.
This was taken at PukaShell Beach which is on the other side of the island. We rented a motorbike on our last day and did some swimming here. The sand is coarser compared to White Beach's because of the shells.
In front of Kalibo Church. We walked around the city before going to Boracay the following day.
Here's for a last look at White Beach. This shows the northern part of it.

Practically all pictures here and in the succeeding pages were taken by me so I think I deserve some form of courtesy from visitors who wish to use some of the pictures for their web sites. As my guest, you are welcome to use the pictures you like, but it will be my pleasure to know that you like and will use them.

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