(1968 - 1998)

This page is dedicated to the memory of my best friend, Ernie, who died of cancer complication on September 25, 1998 at the age of 30. He was newly married to an exceptional lady - Lanie.

True friends are rare and one who will proudly declare and consider you his best friend is even rarer. Through all the years we've known each other, I've always felt Ernie's total support, affection, and friendship which I hope I was also able to give in return. I feel fortunate to have found such a friend in my lifetime.

May 24, 1997 - University of the Philippines. Pls. click to see bigger picture.

Some people come
into our lives
and quickly go...

Others stay
in our lives
for awhile,

Leave footprints
on our hearts...

and we are
ever the same.

Footprints of Friendship
-- Author Unknown

Please get to know more about Ernie and see more of his
pictures by clicking on the link below.

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