Another Luzon province I haven't gone to yet (at least, before this trip), was Aurora. It was formerly a part of Quezon province but it's more to the north of Manila Pulling Fishnet while Quezon is to the south.

One of my classmates at National Computer Center, Gemma Zurbano, is from the said province and she invited us one day to their place in Dingalan, Aurora. This picture showing folks pulling a fishing net was taken just a short walk away from Gemma's house.

On our second day in Aurora, Gemma brought us to a beach where the sand was white and good for swimming. We rode a motorized banca to go there (30-minute ride) and we swam for a while then left before lunch to proceed to the waterfalls.

On our way back from White Beach, we asked the boat to stop in a place with good corals so we could do some 'snorkeling' (without snorkeling gears). One of our lady companions, Paz, who jumped into the sea (with a life-jacket) to watch the corals, had a difficult time climbing back to the boat afterwards. :)

Falls The waterfalls. Its location is also about a 30-minute walk/climb from Gemma's place. The water was cool and felt refreshing. The surroundings were largely undisturbed trees and ferns.
Falls Bath Since the trip took place before I've gone to Katibawasan Falls in Camiguin, this was the first time I've seen and bathed in a falls. My back felt like being massaged by the water current. Quite a unique experience.
Aurora group At the background is a Church which was damaged by a typhoon and is now abandoned. From left is Paz San Juan, Gemma Zurbano, Agnes Masbate, Gemma's daughter Glaiza, myself, and Arnoel Santos.

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